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Build your Holy Land tour around THIS


Dec 2022

You’ve seen pictures of it… You’ve heard stories of it… You’ve probably even dreamed about it…

The Western Wall in Jerusalem. (Sometimes it’s been called the “wailing wall” but that’s not the preferred name nowadays.)

Want a quick rundown of why it’s called the Western wall instead? I’d be happy to explain and talk about the incredible experience of seeing it! Give me a call @ 1-855-958-6877.

To make a very long history a bit shorter, what’s called the Western wall is essentially part of the retaining wall of the ancient temple in Jerusalem. (The one re-built in Ezra/Nehemiah in the Old Testament and was then destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.)

Let me tell you…

When you place your hand against the Western wall, you’ll feel history. It’s like no other experience in the world. Truly!

You’ll see the handwritten notes rolled up and left in the cracks of the Temple foundation by people over the decades and centuries. You can even leave a note (often a written prayer) as well.

It’s truly a place of history like few others in the world.

Life-changing. Unforgettable. Unbelievable.

As you’ll do many times during your trip to the Holy Land, you’ll regularly pinch yourself to make sure it’s reality and not a dream.

The Western wall is an experience to build your Holy Land trip around. Just as the Wall was part of the foundation of the Temple, so it can be the foundation of your entire tour.

Give us a call today to talk about your options.

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25 Dec 2022