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Jun 2022

Rise and shine!

I am definitely not a breakfast person. I don’t usually feel like eating anything until I’ve been up for a while. But somehow, when I’m in Israel, all that changes. That first morning of your Tradition Tours pilgrimage, when you get up early to make sure you’re on time for a long day of touring ahead (no one wants to be the last on the bus), and everyone’s at breakfast! So you go into the dining room to check it out. Wow! There is station after station of food. An assortment of cheeses, salads, fresh fruit and vegetables. Special Israeli foods like Halvah, and even falafel! Hot foods, including the popular Middle Eastern egg dish, shakshuka. Teas and coffees… the list goes on. What I always find fascinating is observing those around me. There are people there from countries all over the world. Each has its’ own culture. For some, a breakfast buffet-like this is the norm, while for others, it’s mind-boggling. It’s interesting to see how some people are just trying to process the sheer amount of food and the variety, while others take it all in stride.

During the early days of the state of Israel, people living on a Kibbutz would eat their meals together in a communal dining room. They would have a large mid-morning buffet meal, similar to a brunch. By the 1950’s, Israeli hotels were promoting “Israeli breakfasts” in a style similar to the Kibbutz meals. One of the things I found interesting, was that many Israeli families came to the hotel for the weekend, as a mini vacation. Sunday morning, some lingered for hours over breakfast, sharing special time with family and friends. Even the children seemed used to it. This is simply just part of their lifestyle. There’s a special atmosphere in the room each morning, as everyone sits down to enjoy a few minutes as they begin their day. Whether you’re just sitting down with a cup of coffee, or enjoying something from every station! – it’s a special opportunity to pause and begin your day in Israel the right way. Looking for more information on the types of food you can expect on your tour?

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Donny A

06 Jun 2022