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The Lost Luggage Saga Of Summer 2022


Sep 2022

This summer has been a continuous saga of lost luggage and delayed flights, including a story of one person whose luggage was lost in Europe and had placed airtags in his bags allowing him to track his bags and eventually flying to the airport where he was left in a room full of bags where he finally reunited with his lost bags. Yup you guessed it, one of them was lost again when he checked in for his flight home.

Our phones have been ringing almost weekly with someone arriving at their tour destination, and their bags have not arrived with them and have asked for help or a solution to stop it from happening again.

The only solution to the problem is more baggage handlers in the airports, and for more flights to be on time, obviously with the revamp of travel post-pandemic, this is taking a while to achieve as new employees wait for their security clearances to work on airport ramps around the word.

Adding a GPS tracker to your bags does not hurt though truth be told, their help in finding your bags will be minimal unless you are willing to fly halfway around the world to get your bag. However, it is nice to see when your bag will arrive on the carousel when your bags do arrive on your flight with you.

The best recommendation is to pack a few days of essential clothing in your hand luggage just in case, and always take any medication in your hand luggage on the plane with you.

In addition many travel insurance companies will include a lost luggage clause in their policies so make sure you’ve got the correct coverage.

Are you getting ready to depart on your Tradition Tour? Be in touch with any luggage questions, and safe travels!


Donny A

07 Sep 2022