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You won’t expect THIS in Israel


Jan 2023

Yes, you know hummus and falafel. Maybe you’ve tried shakshuka. Or babka.

But let me tell you a quick story…

(Or you can give me a call and I’ll tell you over the phone. 1-855-958-6877.)

The other week, I was in Israel. It was a great trip with a great church group. We all had an amazing time. But I’d had enough of hotel food and restaurant meals. My palate wanted something more down-to-earth. To be frank, it wanted street food.

Shawarma to be more specific.

Maybe you’ve had shawarma in your town or at a local market. Or you’ve seen it on the menu or noticed a meat spit and wondered what it tastes like.

I honestly cannot begin to describe the eruption of flavor that IS street shawarma. Jerusalem street shawarma. I promise you; it might just be one of the highlights of your trip. Sounds silly, but it’s true!

Talk about flavor in every bite. Taste buds going wild. An absolutely unexpected delight.

When you think “Israel” you don’t necessarily think of the foods and flavors. But let me tell you, the spices and aromas and delicious food that you’ll experience are often part of what you’ll write home about.

When people ask you, “How was your trip to Israel?” Your answer might very well be: “The food was amazing!”

Consider it an added benefit to your Holy Land tour. Taste buds explode and mouths salivate. I hear it from groups all the time. And like I said, when I was in Israel recently, I craved the food more than anything else.

Why? Because there’s nothing like Israeli food IN Israel. You can ONLY find those specific flavors in that specific place in the world.

So when you think “Israel” don’t forget to imagine the flavors, too!

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Donny A

20 Jan 2023