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Church Group Trips to the Mediterranean and Beyond

Church Trips for Christian Small Groups to the Holy Land, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey

Are you a devout Christian seeking to embark on a profound spiritual journey to the Holy Land or other biblical locals such as Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey? Tradition Tours invites you to explore the sacred and historical sites of Israel, Italy, Greece and Turkey on our exceptional church group trips. Our tailored tours are designed to provide a deep and meaningful connection with the religious significance of the Holy Land and Mediterranean.

Here at Tradition Tours, we understand the spiritual importance of this sacred part of the world. We’re committed to ensuring that your church group experiences a life-changing pilgrimage. Our local guides are experts in each location's history, culture, and religious significance. They will lead your group through a transformative journey that will deepen your faith and connection to your Christian heritage.

Historical & Spiritual Significance of the Holy Land

The Holy Land and surrounding area hold unparalleled significance for Christians worldwide. It is a place of profound biblical importance and historical significance. As a Christian, a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a remarkable opportunity to explore the roots of your faith. Tradition Tours recognizes Christians' deep spiritual connection to this region and is dedicated to making your pilgrimage meaningful and unforgettable.

Your journey through the Holy Land with Tradition Tours will take you to the heart of Christian history, giving you a closer understanding of the scriptures and the life of Jesus. Our tours allow you to follow biblical figures' footsteps, visiting iconic sites such as Jerusalem, Istanbul, Athens, and Ephesus. We provide you with a unique opportunity to experience a spiritually enriching tour connecting with the life and teachings of Jesus.

Share the sites of the Bible with your group, in a full service,
completely customized Church Group Mediterranean and Israel Tour Package.


The Tradition Tours Experience: Your Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

At Tradition Tours, we have designed the "Tradition Tours Experience" to provide you with a seamless and enriching journey throughout Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Israel. Our all-inclusive packages offer quality transportation, ensuring a safe and enjoyable pilgrimage. You can leave all the logistical details to us, allowing you to focus on your spiritual journey without any worries.

We are committed to delivering our travelers the highest level of comfort and convenience. Our premium accommodations are designed to provide a peaceful and restful atmosphere during your pilgrimage. Tradition Tours offers comprehensive packages that cover accommodation, meals, entrance fees, and more. We believe in providing convenience that allows you to immerse yourself in your spiritual journey without the hassle of logistical details.

All-Inclusive Packages: A Worry-Free Pilgrimage

Tradition Tours offers all-inclusive packages to ensure your church group has a worry-free pilgrimage. Our packages are tailored to cover accommodation, meals, entrance fees, and more. This lets you concentrate on your spiritual journey, knowing that every logistical detail has been meticulously handled.

Our tailored packages offer flexibility, enabling you to choose from various options that meet your spiritual interests and goals. We understand that each church group is unique and has specific needs. Our packages are customized to cater to your religious, historical, or cultural interests.

Personalized Packages: Tailor Your Journey to Your Faith

At Tradition Tours, we understand that each pilgrimage is a unique and deeply personal experience. That's why we offer a range of flexible package options, allowing travelers to customize their pilgrimage based on their specific interests and spiritual goals.

Our personalized packages allow individuals and groups to tailor their journey to their faith. Whether you're seeking a profound spiritual encounter, historical insights, or a combination of both, we have options to suit your needs. This flexibility sets us apart and ensures that your pilgrimage is a significant and personalized experience.

No matter where your spiritual journey leads, Tradition Tours supports you in creating a pilgrimage that aligns with your faith and helps you achieve your spiritual objectives. Your pilgrimage should be as unique as your faith, and with our personalized packages, you can make it a reality.

Dedicated Support: Your Journey, Our Priority

Tradition Tours is committed to offering unwavering support throughout your pilgrimage. Our experienced guides and staff are always ready to address any questions or concerns during your journey. We recognize the importance of a smooth and hassle-free experience and are dedicated to supporting you to ensure a successful pilgrimage.

We understand that your church group's spiritual journey is a significant and transformative experience. We aim to ensure every aspect of your tour is cared for so you can focus on deepening your faith and spiritual connection. With Tradition Tours, your journey is our priority, and we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Begin Your Mediterranean Journey with Your Small Group Today

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing pilgrimage to the Mediterranean and Holy Land with your church group? Tradition Tours provides a tailored journey to deepen your faith and enhance your connection to your Christian heritage.

Take the first step toward your spiritual journey by contacting us today. We are excited to help you plan your church group's pilgrimage to the Mediterranean and Holy Land. Reach out to us, and let us assist you in making your spiritual dreams a reality.


“It takes a lot to pull something like this together especially with large groups such as ours. It was a great experience, seeing the country an all the historical sites.” – Kameela, USA

“This was the first tour of its kind for our organization, and we plan to take many more in the years to come. We have found ourselves long-term partners in Donny Arkush and Tradition” – Dumisani, USA

“Donny Arkush and Tradition Tours went above and beyond to meet the needs of our very unique group!” – Valeria, USA


  1. When should I start planning a trip for my small group? Planning your church group's trip to the Mediterranean and Holy Land should ideally begin 12 to 18 months in advance. This allows ample time to secure the best accommodations and to create a tailored itinerary that meets your group's unique interests and spiritual goals.
  2. Do I need a Visa when traveling to the Mediterranean and Holy Land? Visa requirements vary depending on your nationality. Checking with the relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information is essential. Our team at Tradition Tours can also assist you in understanding and obtaining the necessary visas for your pilgrimage.
  3. Do you have to be vaccinated? Vaccination requirements may change, so staying informed about the latest travel advisories and health recommendations is crucial. At Tradition Tours, we prioritize the health and safety of our travelers, and we will guide any vaccination requirements for your pilgrimage.
  4. What do I do if I need help during my trip? If you require assistance or have questions during your pilgrimage, our experienced guides and support staff are readily available to help. We aim to ensure that every aspect of your tour is seamless and worry-free.

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