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Come & Discover Israel and Jordan

From The Wonders Of Petra To Modern Amman, There's So Much To Explore

Embark on a Journey Across Israel and Jordan

  • Prepare yourself for a captivating adventure that takes you through both Israel and Jordan's iconic sites and hidden gems. From the spiritual aura of Jerusalem to the ancient wonder of Petra, each step of your trip unveils a story waiting to be told.

  • "Key Destinations: Immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes and historical wonders of Jordan and Israel. Begin your journey by marveling at Jordan's awe-inspiring Petra and the stunning desert of Wadi Rum. Experience the bustling city life in Amman before crossing into Israel to discover spiritual landmarks in Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Bethlehem. Unveil the mysteries of the Dead Sea and absorb the natural splendor of the Jordan Valley. Throughout your travels, sample authentic cuisine and engage with local communities in two nations deeply rich in history and culture."

Embark on a Journey Across Israel and Jordan

Unearth Christian Heritage Sites Across Two Nations

  • Feel the weight of spiritual history across the Holy Land and Jordan. Traverse the footsteps of biblical figures and explore significant Christian sites like Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Petra. Our specialized itineraries provide a balanced blend of spiritual reflection and cultural insight.

  • Unmatched Experience: Our guides are seasoned experts at weaving together the shared and unique historical, cultural, and spiritual aspects of Israel and Jordan. Participate in chapel visits and unique cultural experiences that deepen your connection to tradition, faith, and the very roots of these ancient lands."

Unearth Christian Heritage Sites Across Two Nations

Reconnect with Jewish Historical Roots

  • Go beyond the surface as you explore Jewish landmarks in Israel and trace the complex tapestry of culture and history in Jordan. Wander through Jerusalem's Old City, stand in awe at Petra's Treasury, and deepen your understanding of the region's rich tapestry.

  • Holistic Exploration: Embrace the intertwining narratives of Israel and Jordan. Explore the region's landmarks that connect you to historical roots and contemporary life.

Reconnect with Jewish Historical Roots

Customize Your Trip

Tailor your journey to align with your travel goals, whether they are spiritual, historical, or adventure-based. Pick your dates, outline your dream itinerary, and let us handle the rest. Tradition Tours crafts unforgettable experiences unique to you.

The Tradition Tours Experience in Jordan

Decades of Experience:
With over 20 years of expertise in religious tourism, Tradition Tours brings a wealth of experience to your journey through Jordan and its religious landmarks.

A Proven Track Record:
Our long history of successful tours ensures your experience will be second to none, connecting you to a spiritual heritage that spans both Israel and Jordan.

Trusted Partnerships:
In Jordan as well as in Israel, we collaborate with trusted local vendors and tour operators to offer you unparalleled access to authentic experiences.

Safety and Immersion:
Your safety is our priority. We monitor regional developments to ensure that your journey through Jordan is as safe as it is enriching.

Comprehensive Services:
Our all-inclusive packages in Jordan include everything from accommodations and meals to entrance fees at key historical and religious sites.

Personalized Concierge Assistance:
We provide individualized concierge services, ensuring your Jordan experience aligns perfectly with your faith-based interests.


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When should I plan my Israel and Jordan trip?
Discover the best times for your journey, ensuring a memorable experience.

What visas are required for Israel and Jordan?
We'll guide you through the documentation required for a seamless visit.

Is it safe to travel to both countries?
Explore our blog, Is Israel Safe to Travel? for insights and guidance.

Vaccination requirements for Israel and Jordan
Stay informed about health requirements for your travel dates.

Assistance during your trip
We're your support throughout the journey, available whenever you need assistance.

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