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How Much Does a Trip to the Holy Land Cost? | Tradition Tours


  • Apr 19, 2023
  • Israel, Travel
  • Geoff Kullman
How Much Does a Trip to the Holy Land Cost? | Tradition Tours

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A trip to the Holy Land can be life-changing for your church members. The sites you’ll experience together and the places you’ll visit will invigorate their faith, inspire them beyond words, and bring the people in your group closer together for years.

This Travel Guide will break down the costs of a trip to the Holy Land and give you ideas for touring as a church group in Israel. There’s much to research, and this article will set the foundation for beginning your plans to tour the Holy Land as a church or small group.

Of course, if you’re not a pastor or not looking to plan a church trip, the information in this article will still be relevant for your family trip to the Holy Land. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about a trip to the Holy Land.

How Much Does a Trip to the Holy Land Cost?

First things first, it’s important to know that your church trip to the Holy Land will be priceless. Memorable, inexplicable, beautiful. The cost of Holy Land tours is important, but there’s much more to consider when weighing your options and deciding on packages.

On your Holy Land trou, you’ll read from Scriptures while sailing the Sea of Galilee, float on the Dead Sea, or feast on the delicious daily Mediterranean breakfast and dinners (included in your tour package).

Here are some of the questions you’re likely already asking as you begin to plan your church or small group trip to the Holy Land.

  1. Cost of Holy Land Tours
  2. How Much Time Do You Need to Tour the Holy Land?
  3. Cost Breakdown for a Trip to the Holy Land
  4. What’s Included in a Tour Package?
  5. What’s Not Included in a Tour Package?
  6. Sites to See On a Holy Land Tour
  7. Holy Land Tour Packages
  8. Benefits of Taking a Holy Land Tour with Your Church Small Group
  9. Create a Tailored Holy Land Experience with Tradition Tours

Lead your group from the Mount of Olives to the Gates of Jerusalem along the triumphant path of Jesus. Explore the sites, sounds, and tastes of the Bible in the Holy Land, from Bethlehem to Capernaum to the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem and much more!

Cost of Holy Land Tours

As you’ll discover as you browse the Tradition Tours website and look at a number of our Holy Land Tour packages, the cost can vary depending on the length of time and the number of people. Other factors, such as time of year and destinations, can (and will) impact the bottom line, too.

In general, the average cost for a standard tour (without airfare) is between $2400 to $2900.

A luxury trip cost per day per person will cost approximately $900 a day, while an economy trip will be closer to $350 per day per person. Of course, these are estimates and subject to change based on many factors

How Much Time Do You Need to Tour the Holy Land?

Most of the Holy Land Tour packages that you’ll find with Tradition Tours range from one to two weeks or 7-15 days, with our 10-day tours being the most popular for church groups and families.

In order to experience as much of the Holy Land as possible, we recommend planning at least 10 days. Of course, the longer you’re in Israel, the more you can see and experience. But most of our tours are able to pack multiple locations into each day,

For instance, on our 10-day Holy Land Foundations tour, your group will experience the Dead Sea, Qumran, and Masada in one day. But you’ll also spend most of two full days in the city of Jerusalem. Each day is packed with amazing sites and experiences.

Keep reading this article, and we’ll give you the links to all of our most popular tour packages.

Cost Breakdown for a Trip to the Holy Land

There are many factors that impact the cost of your trip to the Holy Land. While some of these factors may seem obvious and straightforward, others may be things you’ve forgotten or didn’t know to factor into the overall cost.

For instance, while the quality of the hotel (4-star or 5-star) will obviously impact the overall cost of your trip to the Holy Land, unexpected expenses such as travel visas to enter a country can add up. There are certain countries (notably, Egypt and Jordan) where, in order to get permission to enter, you need to pay a visa fee – which can be arranged for you by Tradition Tours.

While usually not overly expensive, such unknown costs can add up throughout your trip.

One cost to consider in addition to your total package cost is airfare. We generally advise churches to add $1200 to $1400 per person to fly to Israel. There are many factors that can impact the price of airfare, including the time of year and location in the USA.

What’s Included In a Package?

At Tradition Tours, our Holy Land packages include the following:

  • Transfers upon arrival and departure
  • All Hotel accommodations
  • Deluxe air-conditioned comfortable modern vehicle with a driver
  • All entrance fees to sites
  • Breakfast & dinner daily
  • A group tour led by an expert state-certified and licensed tour guide

As David from Virginia said recently, “Tradition Tours made the planning of our trip personal for us.”

We consider ourselves a one-stop shop. You decide where and when you want to travel, and we’ll take care of all the details. Or, if you’re a pastor or leading a church trip, your job is to get the people. Our job is every other detail.

What’s NOT Included In a Package?

While we do our best to handle all the details (and our 4.9 rating on TrustPilot shows we do a great job), some things are not included in our tour packages. These include:

  • Flights (as noted, add $1200 to $1400 to your budget for airfare)
  • Items of a purely personal nature (souvenirs)
  • Lunch
  • Border Fees when traveling to Jordan or Egypt
  • Insurance
  • Tips

Sites to See On a Holy Land Tour

There are a number of “must-see” spots during your Holy Land tour. Some of these sites include:

Nazareth & Galilee
Tiberias, Capernaum, Tabgha, Mount of Beatitudes, a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee
Golan Heights (for some tours)
Jerusalem (Israel Museum, Holocaust Museum, Temple Mount, Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Via Dolorosa, Garen of Gethsemane, Mount of Olives, Church of All Nations, Kidron Valley)
Jordan River, Jericho, Masada, Qumran

Holy Land Tour Packages

If you’re planning a Holy Land tour for your church or small group, these are the packages we recommend you consider first.

The Holy Land Foundations Tour will transport you back to the days of Jesus. This 7-day tour will take you through Galilee, Jerusalem, and much more.

Click the button below to see all the details of the Foundations tour, including a day-to-day itinerary, hotel information, and lots more.

Holy Land Foundations Tour

If your group is looking for a tour that’s a step above the Foundations Tour option, then consider the Complete Holy Land Tour.

You won’t want to miss anything on this tour through the Holy Land, Jordan, and Egypt. Your group will experience Jerusalem and Cairo, as well as Lower Galilee and Petra. 15 life-changing days for your congregants.

Complete Holy Land Tour

If you would like to explore other package options for your church group or family, we have dozens of options for you to choose from. Click HERE to explore all of our Christian Tour packages.

Benefits of Taking a Holy Land Tour with Your Church Small Group

There are numerous benefits to taking a trip to the Holy Land with your church or small group. As we mentioned earlier, costs can add up when calculating the total cost of a trip to the Holy Land. However, one of the main benefits of traveling as a group is that you’re often able to bundle travelers together to make the overall trip more affordable.

Cost may not be the biggest contributing factor for every member of your church group. As the pastor, you know that some of the members of your church have more means than others do.

That said, one massive benefit of groups going together is being able to invest in their faith together. Even more, making memories together that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Dennis and Nita went on a Holy Land tour in the summer of 2022. They had this to say:

“The tour was awesome, and the tour guides in Israel and Jordan were outstanding and very knowledgeable. In all, the hotels were excellent, and the staff at all the hotels were very attentive to our needs. This was a trip of a lifetime, and we recommend that to make it the best trip use Tradition Tours and ask for Donny! You won't regret it, and you will come home with many wonderful memories.”

Click the button below to learn more about our tour options for church small groups.

Learn more about church group packages

Create a Tailored Holy Land Experience with Tradition Tours

Let’s be honest. There are lots of travel agencies that you could use to book your trip to the Holy Land. You could use online services or buy pre-made packages from a friend or church member.

But when you’re planning a trip this important, our experience and know-how will be absolutely priceless for you and your church.

With Tradition Tours, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’ve partnered with a travel company with more than 25 years of experience. More than that, we’re a travel company that focuses entirely on creating memorable experiences in the Holy Land.

Our hundreds of Trustpilot reviews (and 4.9-star rating) showcase that we not only know the best places to visit and hotels to stay while you’re in the Holy Land but also offer full-service travel boutique and concierge services.

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Geoff Kullman

Geoff Kullman is a freelance copywriter and former pastor. Geoff traveled to the Middle East (and Holy Land) in 2007 and has been an avid researcher and writer of history and archeology since. He has traveled to 5 continents and loves learning about the world's cultures.

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Accessories: A pair of good-quality sunglasses and a stylish hat not only protect against the sun but also add an Italian flair to your outfit.

Footwear: Walking in Comfort

Cobblestone streets and long walks through museums and ruins demand comfortable footwear. Opt for well-cushioned shoes that provide support. Sandals are perfect for coastal areas in the summer, but make sure they’re sturdy for walking.

Beach Bliss and Island Hopping

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Tech Essentials for the Modern Traveler

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Seasonal Packing Lists


Women: Sundresses, light blouses, skirts, and a light sweater for breezy nights.

Men: Shorts, breathable shirts, and a lightweight jacket for the evening.

Children: Similar to adults, with extra swimwear for those gelato-fueled beach days.


Women: Warm layers, stylish boots, and a heavy coat for the chill, especially in the north.

Men: Wool trousers, sweaters, and a warm jacket or overcoat.

Children: Insulated jackets and thermal wear to keep cozy while enjoying Italy's winter delights.

Packing for Italian Art and Culture

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Paul's Enduring Legacy in Veria

Beyond its scenic charm, Veria holds a weighty significance in early Christian history. The "Vima of Apostle Paul" isn't just a monument but a living testament to Paul's profound impact. This revered spot is believed to be where Paul introduced Christianity to the locals, laying the foundational stones of a faith that would flourish in the region. In Veria, you're not merely walking through historical landmarks—you’re retracing the steps of one of Christianity's most pivotal figures.

Historical Bedrock: Veria's Centuries-Old Heritage

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Private Tours: Delving into Veria's Heartbeat

There’s an intimate beauty in exploring at your own pace. Tradition Tours’ private tours in Greece ensure such a unique experience. Feel the cobblestone streets, absorb the stories behind the historic edifices, and immerse yourself in a city and region that has woven centuries of history into its daily life.

Churches of Veria: Beacons of Faith and History

Veria’s churches are not just places of worship—they’re time capsules. With Tradition Tours’ Church Tours, you’ll discover the layers of Veria's Christian heritage. From the Church of Christ with its Byzantine-era frescoes to the old Metropolis echoing the chants from centuries past, each sanctuary offers a unique narrative that blends faith and history.

**Expriance Veria’s Nature **

Amidst its storied streets, Veria’s natural beauty unfolds, providing a tranquil backdrop to its history. The gentle currents of the Tripotamos River, the green expanses of the Barbouta district, and the majestic Vermio Mountains offer rejuvenating respites.

Bottom Line

History isn't just about dates and events; it's about stories, legacies, and the continuous threads that connect the past with the present. Veria is a testament to this tapestry of time. So don’t wait to hear about Veria after you get home, and regret you didn’t see it. Don’t let that happen. Give us a call to start planning your trip (or your church trip) today.

Weather in Italy: Your Year-Round Guide for the Perfect Italian Getaway | Tradition Tours
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Weather in Italy: Your Year-Round Guide for the Perfect Italian Getaway | Tradition Tours

Embark on an Italian adventure that takes you through the rolling hills of Tuscany, the historic streets of Rome, and the sun-kissed shores of Sicily. Understanding Italy's weather patterns is essential for a seamless travel experience with Tradition Tours. Let's explore the seasonal climates that make Italy a year-round destination.

Italy's Weather: A Diverse Climate Awaits

Italy's climate is as varied as its pasta shapes, ranging from the snow-capped Alps in the north to the Mediterranean warmth in the south. Here's what you can expect during your visit:

Spring Splendor (March to May)

The countryside blooms, and the cities are not yet crowded. Northern Italy thaws with a crisp air, while the south begins to warm. Perfect for sightseeing and Easter festivities.
Temperatures: North (46°F-64°F), Central (50°F-70°F), South (52°F-72°F).
Key Events: Easter celebrations, Rome's Birthday, and the Flower Festival in Spello.

Summer Sunshine (June to August)

Italy basks in glorious sunshine, making it prime time for beach destinations. Coastal breezes offer respite, while inland cities can get hot.
Temperatures: North (60°F-85°F), Central (65°F-90°F), South (70°F-95°F).
Key Events: Venice Film Festival, Palio di Siena, and Umbria Jazz Festival.

Autumn Ambiance (September to November)

The heat subsides, the grapes are harvested, and the tourist crowds thin out. A wonderful time for wine tours and autumnal festivals.
Temperatures: North (45°F-65°F), Central (50°F-72°F), South (54°F-75°F).
Key Events: Alba White Truffle Festival, EuroChocolate in Perugia, and the Chianti Olive Oil Harvest.

Winter Wonders (December to February)

Ski enthusiasts flock to the Alps, while milder southern regions offer respite from the cold. Festive markets and carnivals light up the season.
Temperatures: North (28°F-45°F), Central (35°F-55°F), South (50°F-60°F).
Key Events: Venice Carnival, Christmas Markets, and New Year's Eve celebrations.

Packing Tips Revisited: Weather-Wise Wardrobe

If you've read our previous blog on packing for Italy, you'll remember that smart packing is key. Our weather guide complements your packing list with Tradition Tours:
Spring: A versatile jacket and layers to adapt to the changing temperatures.
Summer: Breathable fabrics and a wide-brimmed hat for sun protection.
Autumn: Comfortable walking shoes and a waterproof coat for the occasional shower.
Winter: A warm coat, gloves, and thermal layers for the northern chill.
Capture the Climate: Best Times for Photography

Photographers will find the golden hours of Italian sunsets a dream. The soft spring and autumn light offers the perfect backdrop for your photos, while summer offers vibrant blue skies.

Tradition Tours' Commitment to Comfort

No matter the season, Tradition Tours is dedicated to making your Italian vacation comfortable and memorable. Our local guides are weather-wise and ready to adapt your itinerary to any conditions.

Get in Touch with Tradition Tours

For further advice or to book your next Italian escapade, call Tradition Tours at 1-855-958-6877. Whether it's basking in the summer sun or enjoying a winter festa, we tailor your trip to the perfection of Italian weather.

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##Preparing for the Grecian Climate

Greece celebrates a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Your packing list will vary significantly depending on whether you're sun-kissing on the islands or exploring the ancient ruins during the off-season.

Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November)

The shoulder seasons in Greece are idyllic, marked by pleasant weather, fewer tourists, and the perfect conditions for exploration. Pack lightweight, breathable clothing but don’t forget a versatile jacket and some long-sleeve options for the evenings.

Summer (June to August)

The Grecian summer can be torrid, especially in the islands and the mainland’s south. Prepare with light cottons, linens, and plenty of sun protection. Remember to bring a hat, sunglasses, and a reliable sunscreen.

Winter (December to February)

While milder than northern Europe, Greek winters can be brisk, particularly in the north and in mountainous regions. Ensure you have layers—a thermal base layer, sweaters, and a warm jacket.

Cultural Considerations: Dressing Respectfully

Greece’s rich historical and cultural tapestry means that you'll likely visit religious sites like the monasteries of Meteora or the iconic Parthenon. Opt for modest clothing that covers shoulders and knees; a pashmina or scarf is invaluable for impromptu cover-ups.

Footwear: Walking Back in Time

Whether it’s the steps of Santorini or the ruins of Delphi, comfortable walking shoes are a must. Consider durable sandals or walking shoes for the daytime and a smarter option for evening dining by the sea.

Beach Days and Island Hops

If the cerulean blues of the Greek seas are calling, include a swimsuit, a quick-dry towel, and reef-friendly sunblock. A tote bag for your seaside essentials and snorkeling gear can enhance your experience with the Aegean's marine life.

Tech and Connectivity

Stay connected with the world and capture your memories by packing your smartphone, charger, and a travel adapter for European outlets. A power bank ensures you never miss a photo opportunity amidst Greece’s endless beauty.

A Daypack for Daily Adventures

A lightweight daypack is your trusty companion for carrying essentials—water, a camera, snacks, and small souvenirs from the local 'agora' (market).

Seasonal Packing Lists


Men: Light pants, shorts, T-shirts, a long-sleeve lightweight shirt for sun protection, and a sweater for breezy nights.

Women: Shorts, skirts, light dresses, T-shirts, tank tops, and a light cardigan or shawl.

Children: Similar to adults, plus sunhats and swim diapers for the littlest ones.


Men: Jeans, trousers, long-sleeve tops, sweaters, and a warm jacket.

Women: Pants, leggings, tunics, sweaters, and a warm, waterproof coat.

Children: Warm pants, sweaters, and jackets, mimicking adult attire.

To the Shores of the Aegean: Eilat and the Dead Sea

For those seeking the sun-soaked bliss of Greece's beaches, swimwear, cover-ups, and sun protection are essential. For island-hopping, consider a separate, smaller suitcase or a duffel bag to streamline travel between ferries and accommodations.

Dressing in Layers: The Greek Way

Greece's climate can fluctuate—chilly mornings may give way to warm afternoons. Embrace the art of layering. It's practical for adjusting to temperature changes and ideal for transitioning from outdoor adventures to elegant tavernas.

Your Tradition Tours Safety Net

We at Tradition Tours are always at your service. If you’re uncertain about an item or need a last-minute packing tip, our team is a call away at 1-855-958-6877. Our priority is to alleviate the stress of preparation so you can indulge fully in the wonder of Greece.

The Takeaway

Packing for Greece is an exercise in balancing practicality with respect for the culture and anticipation of the elements. From the sun-drenched shores to the shadowed recesses of ancient ruins, every item in your suitcase should serve a purpose, allowing you to roam freely